WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the most popular blogging tool and content management system (CMS), used by millions of websites. It's light-weight, very easy to use and there are counless ways of customizing it to your own preferrence.

We provide a WordPress-friendly hosting environment that enhances the performance & security of your WordPress-based blog/website and allows you to easily scale as its popularity grows.

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100% Optimized for WordPress

100% Compatible with WordPress

Our servers fulfill all recommended system requirements of WordPress and are carefully fine-tuned to boost the performance and enhance the security of your blog or website. Most WordPress-based websites open in less than 1 second on our servers (with caching enabled).

Powered by LiteSpeed Web Server

Powered by LiteSpeed Web Server

Your WordPress blog or website will load in a flash with our hosting! With the high-performance LiteSpeed Web Server, PHP scripts (WordPress is coded in PHP) load up to 45 times faster and static files up to 5 times faster than Apache, with minimal CPU and memory consumption.

Automated or Assisted Installation

Automated Installation, Updates & Backups

WordPress can be installed in just 37 seconds using our user-friendly 1-click installer, Softaculous. The automated update and backup features protect your WordPress installation from the latest known security vulnerabilities and allow you to revert to previous restore points if something ever goes wrong.

Quick and Hassle-Free Transfer

Quick & Hassle-Free Transfer — No Downtime

Swiching hosting companies is easier than you possibly ever thought. We can transfer your WordPress installation to our server within just 12 hours, without causing any downtime or data loss. If your current host uses cPanel, we can transfer your entire hosting account, including all files, settings, emails, databases, etc.

Enhanced Security with CageFS and ModSecurity

Enhanced Security with CageFS & ModSecurity

All hosting accounts are isolated from each other and put into a private virtual space, allowing them to access only the files they own. Even if a specific account is compromised, all other hosting accounts on the server remain safe. Additionally, each website is protected by a Web Application Firewall, blocking many known vulnerabilities and keeping hackers away.

Free CDN from CloudFlare or Incapsula

FREE Acceleration & Protection by CloudFlare

With just the click of a button, CloudFlare boosts the responsivness of your website and enhances security. All your static WordPress files (images, CSS and JavaScript) get stored on a multi-continental Content Delivery Network (CDN) and then delivered to your visitors from their closest location. Spam bots and other malicious bots are blocked from your website to keep your website safe.

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