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The top-notch quality and reliability of our hosting services has been acknowledged by our valued clients, hosting review sites and hosting directories over the years. Below are a few of our awards and reviews.

HostAdvice is the internet’s web-hosting information center, covering thousands of hosting companies and services with the help of thousands of webmasters worldwide.

In 2014, HostAdvice has tested our services anonymously and without prior notice. According to their reviewers: “The customer service was prompt, efficient, insightful and most of all, helpful.”. We’ve been awarded with the “The Badge of Excellence” that confirms our adherence to high standards of service and professionalism.See Reviews showcases a selection of web hosting companies who have undergone our Approved Host program testing and provides reviews from customers.

MaxterHost successfully met the standards set forth by FindMyHost’s Approved Host Program. We have shown that our company provides a reliable service and excels in all areas in which we’ve achieved the highest grades (A). The positive reviews that our clients have provided serve as additional confirmation.See Reviews


Serchen is one of the world’s largest online marketplace for web hosting. They are committed to providing an unparalleled experience for their consumers, connecting buyers and sellers of the best hosting services. With the help of their growing online community of reviewers and hosting service providers, Serchen aims to make discovering and comparing the best hosting services as easy as possible.See Reviews


As an online guide that gives in-depth reviews of various web hosting providers, WebHostingSearch is passionate in finding the best web hosting providers to include in their local listing. MaxterHost has been qualified to be included in the Local Listing of the Best Web Hosting Provider and Development Companies in Germany, receiving the Top Pick Web Host 2012 award.See Reviews

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Well-established resource in the Hosting Industry, since 2004. They helped thousands of customers to find their new hosting company and trusted ever since for the competence and true unique, like nowhere else, information.See Reviews


HostSearch allows you to search for web hosts that fulfill your requirements and helps you find the best web hosting deals. You can also read hosting reviews, news from the web hosting industry, interviews, helpful articles and more.See Reviews


WHTop is a website with reviews for users and customers, unique by it’s content, simplicity and best quality! It is a pioneer in ratings of web hosts worldwide and is the most reliable resource for user reviews! has certain unique features offered to their community.See Reviews


TheWebHostingDir.Com is a leading dedicated server directory and we’re a proud member of this directory.See Reviews

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