Isolated, High-Performance and Flexible

Self-Managed VPS Hosting

Perfect for developers and system admins who are familiar with the command line and prefer to configure the servers their own way. Get the benefits of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost.



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Full KVM Virtualization

Leading enterprise-grade hypervisor, known for its cutting-edge features. Pass-through technology for direct hardware access, improving security and performance.

Self Management

Get full control of your VPS with access over the Serial Console, SSH and optional control panel, allowing you to install any software and adapt the server configuration as required.

24×7 Technical Support

Our support team is available around the clock to assist you with server reboots, OS re-installs, rDNS setup and other tasks. You can also manage these by yourself in SolusVM.

24×7 Proactive Monitoring

All VPS nodes are permanently monitored internally and externally. We’re notified immediately of possible issues and handle them proactively, often before they even have a noticeable impact.

RAID-10 SSD Storage

Lightning-fast and redundant storage connected to an enterprise-class HPE Smart Array controller with Flash-Backed Write Cache and HPE Smart Storage Battery for maximum performance and redundancy.

Weekly Backups

As a courtesy service, our system generates a backup of all VMs to an external backup location once a week. We also offer Acronis and R1Soft as an option, and you’re free to use your own backup solution.

Operating Systems

Many popular operating systems available to install and re-install: AlmaLinux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian are the standard options. Other operating systems, including ISO images, can be added on request, usually within 24 hours.

No Overselling

Memory allocation is guaranteed and isolated, assigned at a 1:1 ratio. CPU vCores are shared fairly at an up to 1:2 ratio. The disk array is physically shared, but partitions are isolated and assigned at a 1:1 ratio. Both RAM and SSD space cannot be oversold.

Hosted in Germany

We operate our servers at a certified ISO-27001 & Tier III+ data center in Düsseldorf, connected to major carriers and Exchange Points (DE-CIX, AMS-IX, ECIX) to ensure ultra-low latency and a total backbone capacity of 1340 GBit.

SolusVM Control Panel

Powerful and user-friendly control panel for virtual servers. Reboot your server, change its hostname, troubleshoot using the serial console, re-install the OS, display bandwidth & disk statistics, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get root access to the VPS?

Yes, you get full root access to your VPS. This should be handled carefully.

Can I add more IPv4 or IPv6 addresses or subnets?

Additional IPv4 addresses and subnets can be ordered at any time at the prices displayed during the order process.

However, please note that due to the global IPv4 exhaustion, it may be more difficult and take more time to obtain additional IPv4 space. IPv4 addresses are also assigned with technical justification, in accordance to the RIPE regulations.

Please contact us for more information.

Can I install anything on my VPS?

You are free to install any legal and licensed (if applicable) software on your VPS, as long as it’s permitted in Germany and the European Union, where our servers are located.

The installed software should also not overload our node or cause our hardware to wear out faster than usual.

Please refer to our Acceptance of Use Policy and contact us if you’re not sure.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my VPS?

Upgrades are possible at any time and usually require just a reboot. The unused period is pro-rated.

However, please note that downgrades are technically not possible, as the disk partition cannot be reduced without risking loss of data.

If you must downgrade your VPS, we recommend ordering a new one and transferring the data to it.

Can I switch to a different billing cycle?

Yes, of course. Please contact our billing department and we’ll switch your VPS to your preferred billing cycle.

Can you migrate my existing VPS?

Unfortunately, not. This is a quite complex process and can cause certain compatibility issues and/or loss of data, reason why we cannot assume this risk.

However, you can use the rescue mode and serial console to do the migration by yourself, although we’d rather recommend setting up a new VPS and transferring the data to it.

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