Self-Managed Xen VPS Hosting

No Overselling. Hosted in Germany.

VPS Hosting takes performance & flexibility to the next level! Perfectly suitable for websites that expect quick growth and require an isolated hosting environment.

Quick Highlights:

  • Xen Platform — Flexibility, security & low overhead
  • Full Control — Root access over SSH (Secure Shell)
  • Dedicated Resources — No memory overselling
  • Protected Storage — Mirrored Solid-State Drives (RAID-10)
  • 1 Gbit Connection — Ultra-fast downloads and uploads
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee — Maximum Availability

Our VPS hosting plans put you in charge of your server, allowing you to install exactly the software you need, with the configuration that fits to your requirements. Break down the resource and software limitations of the shared hosting environment. Upgrade your server instantly as your traffic increases.

Our VPS nodes are located at the Tier III+ myLoc data center in Düsseldorf (Germany) with 1 Gbit/s connections for lightning-fast network speed and low latency.

Your complete satisfaction is backed by our 15-Day Money Back Guarantee*!

Tip: Not sure which VPS plan to choose? Start with the "VPS 1" plan and upgrade instantly as your website grows.

VPS Plan


VPS Plan
Memory (RAM)

512 MB

CPU Cores

1 Core

CPU (max. 3.9 GHz)
SSD Disk Space

10 GB

SSD Disk Space

100 GB

€19.95 EUR

€17.95 EUR

Monthly Price*
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* Promotional price available for new clients only.

Please Note: The setup time can currently take approx. 2-3 business days, depending on the VPS plan you choose.

Xen Virtualization

Xen Virtualization

Xen is preferred by most users because of its flexibility, security and low overhead. It offers full hardware virtualization and prevents resource overselling.

FREE Nightly Backups

Off-site Backups

Each VPS container can be backed up nightly to an off-site backup server (optional add-on). We would keep up to 7 backup points that can be restored on demand or in case of an emergency.

24x7 Technical Support

24x7 Technical Support

Have a problem with your VPS? We provide free basic assistance (best effort) for self-managed servers and full assistance & server administration for managed servers.

Full Root Access

Full Root Access

You get full control of your VPS with access to SSH (Secure Shell), allowing you to install any software and configure the system exactly the way you need it.

Lightning-Fast RAID-Protected Storage

Lightning-Fast SSD Storage (RAID-Protected)

For better redundancy and speed, our VPS nodes use RAID-array that mirrors data on 2 or more SSDs. If an SSD fails, we can usually replace it quickly without data loss.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Resources – No Overselling!

The memory resources are guaranteed and assigned solely to your server, ensuring a more stable hosting environment. The VPS nodes are neither overcrowded, nor oversold.

Install Your Own Kernel

Install Your Own Kernel

PyGrub is enabled by default for every VPS and allows to start the operating system with a Kernel that lies inside the VPS. This gives you more control and improves security since you can update the Kernel at any time.

24x7 VPS Node Monitoring

24x7 Proactive Monitoring

All VPS nodes are permanently monitored by independent monitoring services and internal monitoring scripts. We pro-actively check if the node operates smoothly and install security & software updates at regular intervals.

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